[TOP] 8 Best Double Door Refrigerators In India (2023)

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the refrigerator has significant importance. And this festival season, most of the Indians love to buy home appliances such as UHD Smart TVs, Fridges, Microwaves and more. As people are more prone to buy something innovative in refrigerators especially the double doors ones but often get confused. To select the Best Double Door Refrigerators In India can be tricky as you might get chaotic and confused.

Knowing about the festival mood of people, brands like Samsung, LG, Haier, Sony, Pansonic, etc. comes with exciting discountable offers. Big banner sales by the brand to have more business with exciting deals makes a massive profit to both buyers and seller.

Best Double Door Refrigerator In India
Though most of Indians even love to buy jewelry, property, vehicles. However, women are addicted to buying appliances related to home comforts and precisely associated with the kitchen.

Selling and buy all depends on the consumer’s personal choice. But the market of refrigerators gets hike especially from Navrats till the coming of the new year.

There are many kinds of refrigerators available in the market, uniquely designed, advanced featured, and more. But to get the most reliable one often is challenging especially in the hurry-furry season sale of festivals.

However, in this article, we will highlight some of the Best Double Door Refrigerators In India in 2019. It even will add some crucial guidelines about the buyer guide before making a significant investment in double door refrigerator design. Let’s scroll and check it how ahead in the blog what is surprising.

Significantly Picked Best Double Door Refrigerators In India:

Quick Summary: Our Top 5 Picks

SamsungCapacity- 253 L
4 Star
1+10 Year
Check Price
HaierCapacity- 347 L
3 Star
1+5 Year
Check Price
BoschCapacity- 559 L
3 Star
Check Price
LGCapacity- 437 L
4 Star
1+10 Year
Check Price
WhirlpoolCapacity- 340 L
3 Star
1+10 Year
Check Price

1. LG 260 L Refrigerator- Inverter Compressor

The LG, a firm known and trusted by most of the Indian, over home appliances. Most of the people reply to LG for its washing machines, refrigerators, SmartTV, Home Theater, and more.

This LG Refrigerator is a superpower saver that holds the quantity of 260 Litre, best for mid-four members family. It is exceedingly efficient as even works on inverter compressor, with 4-Star energy saving.

The conventional compressor saves a lot of power consumption with more extensive features to fascinate.

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India


  1. Smart Inverter Compressor: Installation of intelligent inverter compressor makes it the more rightful choice that offers defined cooling 24/7. The benefit of the inverter compressor keeps the refrigerator cool, saves the power that enables food to stay fresh.
  2. Multi Air-Flow: Its unique multi-air vent design offers balanced airflow throughout the fridge. This keeps it cool, and food fresh for a more extended period.
  3. Smart Diagnosis: It gives technically intelligent assistance, with features like Ice-Beam-Door Cooling Technology, Smart Energy Consumption, Aut-Adjustable Cooling, etc. All such smart features save power and time.
  • Ultra energy efficient
  • easy to compatible with solar power.
  • Useful even with home invertor, that saves high power consumption.
  • The smart diagnosis makes it more fit that saves times and energy, especially in an emergency.
  • Designed with shiny steel color, durable material, with toughened glass shelf type.
  • It comes in the dimension of 26.4 x 23 x 57.9 Centimetres with 127.43 kg.
  • LG enables 1-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on the compressor from the date of purchase.
  • Often struggles with cooling and other features functionality as reviewed by customers.

2. Samsung 253 L Double Door RefrigeratorInbuilt Voltage Stabiliser

If you are looking for the Best Double Door Refrigerators In India under affordable rates, then reply to the Samsung brand.

It is so very definite that the company will enable the maximum profit this upcoming festival season. The fridge, however, packed with all advanced features, sale services, etc.

Best Double Door Refrigerator In India Samsung

Samsung Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is reliably one of the significant Samsung fridge models for modern India. It is well in features, functionality, and performance.

This refrigerator holds the capacity of 253 liters that makes it suitable for the small or nuclear family. It is ideal for regulating and optimizing the voltage fluctuations, with well-managing performance.


  1. In-built Voltage Stabiliser: This crucially important when dealing with home appliances for Indian homes. As voltage instability is a significant cause of refrigerator failures, and inbuilt stabilizer will help to regulate the voltage mechanism. It will save the fridge with damage or other working failures even at extreme voltage fluctuations.
  2. 4-Star Energy Efficient: When it comes to more of power-saving mode, this four-star double door fridge is perfect. It considerably saves money with a massive load on power consumption. It comes with Advanced Digital Inverter Technology, to conserve power at prior.
  3. Auto-Defrost System: The Samsung double door; standardized with auto defrosting technology mode, that will manually help you to save time.
  4. Smart Modes: It inherits Multi-Flow, Twisting Ice Maker, External Display, Frost-Free, Door Alarm, PowerCooling System, Led Lighting, Digital-Invertor Technology, etc.
  • It is a super saver that saves energy, time, and money.
  • The material used makes it stable, sturdy, and durable.
  • User-efficient, and pocket-efficient Samsung refrigerator design.
  • Inherits advanced features and high in performance.
  • Take low energy power because of automatic connect inverter.
  • Comes in elegant design with the shade of Inox tone, measurable as 68.8cm x 55.5cm x 1.54 meters with 52kg weight.
  • Samsung offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty and 10-year compressor warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Convertible Fridge Mode is missing.
  • Deep Freezer lack in sufficient lighting system.

3. Haier 347 L Double Door Refrigerator- Power Saver

Haier, the brand is firmly ideal for high-quality and high-performance home appliances. The company that really worked over its designs and structure in refrigerators.

The manufacturer recently changed the positing of the freezer compartment, which makes them more unique. Unlike most of the refrigerators, hold the freezing zone at the top, but Haier developed at the bottom.

What makes them design it at the lower part is the usability and utility of the people. Nobody wants to bend and look for fresh vegetables etc. every time while opening the fridge. This bottom refrigerator compartment makes some kitchen tasks easy and hassle-free with less stress on the back.


  1. Instant Icing Technology: This smart feature offers the fastest ice making mode that makes ice within 60-minutes duration. The quick icing technology enables cooling of the freezer zone to 50°C in just one hour.
  2. Aesthetic Design With Innovation: Most people struggle with every time bend-down posture for picking things out of the refrigerator. So keeping in mind with less stress on back, neck, and shoulders, Haier designed fridges with a cooling compartment below. The survey says that freezers are less access than other refrigeration shelves so reliable to construct its downside.
  3. Vegetable Crisper Drawer: The design compresses of crisper sliding out drawer that keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for longer. The capacity of the crisper drawer is quite sufficient to stock vegetables and fruits for the whole week.
  4. Separate Fruit Box: Need not to keep vegetables and fruits in the same compartment. Haier has specially designed this refrigerator with a separate fruit box to store fruits. As for flavor, the cooling and the freshness often get mixes with vegetables. So, Haier makes it easier to keep and store things separately.
  5. CoolPad For Freshness And Health Of Food: Powercuts in India is something that irritates us. But when it comes to long hour power cut off the freshness of raw foods, and other edible items are lost. And to go with fluctuations and powers cuts, the mechanism of Coolpad is more revolutionary. It resists the freshness of fruits, vegetables, milk products, etc. even after the 10-hours power cuts.
  • Makes ice easily and quickly, with 50°C temperature in 60-minutes.
  • Saves power up to 35 percent.
  • Reciprocatory compressor gives high and uniform cooling.
  • Durable in quality, enhanced with smart features, and high in performance.
  • Offers the capacity of 347 liters, that is sufficient for a family with 3-5 members.
  • Haier gives 1-year manufacturer warranty and 10-year compressor warranty from the date of purchase.
  • This is double-door, instant icing technology refrigerator of BrushLine Silver color, 4-Toughened glass shelves, with 3-Star Energy Efficiency.
  • Other noticeable features like Twin-Twist Ice Try, Top LED, Inbuilt-Stabilizer Free Operations, Adjustable Feet, and DoorLock System are there.
  • It is not an inverter type refrigerator, like others at the same price available in the market.
  • Quite noisy during the cooling and refrigeration process.
  • The bottom freezing compartment is a big hurdle for people with non-vegan food preferences.

4. Samsung 275 L Double Door RefrigeratorAuto Defrost System

Samsung has launched many designs of refrigerators in different dimensions, capacity, and features that make a natural choice for Indian people. This reputed electronic appliance industry is worth trusting, so it stands in the Indian market of home comfort appliances.

The Samsung Frost-Free Double Door fridge comes with a capacity of 274 liters, that suitable for nuclear or medium-sized families.

This Samsung 275lt Frost-Free Double-Door refrigerator is overall a worth useful product with necessary features and reliable performance. It is even a helpful fridge that offers optimum power consumption so lies in the range of 3-Star Refrigerators.


  1. Inbuilt Stabilizer: You need not invest extra over stabilizer or voltage optimizing device, as installed with an inbuilt stabilizer. It automatically manages the voltage fluctuations with regulatory control on input and output power. However, the voltage controlling stabilizer within the range of 135 Volts to 290 Volts. In fact, from power switching, it cut off the power supply beyond the range.
  2. Moisture Fresh Zone: As it is a frost-free refrigerator, it follows the mechanism of moisture balance automatically. The installation of vents in vegetable box/drawer prevents the leakage of moisture, that equilibrium the humidity level accordingly.
  3. Twist Ice Maker Tray: This makes easy access when you need the ice cubes. Twisting them as the infixed position with knob and just collect them after falling. Samsung twisting tray in the freezer enables no hassle and spillage of water. Even you need not buy and place separate ice cube trays.
  4. Auto Defrost System: It stops the overflow freezing of ice in the freezing compartment.
  5. Digital Inverter Technology: For precise cooling, automatic digital inverter technology with fledged adjustments makes it a great Samsung refrigerator. It automatically senses the temperature changes, switches according to the compressor speed, which saves energy.
  • It is easy to use, place, and access within all basic fridge modes and options to regulate temperature.
  • Inherits enough of space, with easy sliding shelf, big bottle guards, fresh room zone, etc.
  • Installed with LED lighting, toughened glass shelves, deodorizing filter, ergonomic hinges, and handles.
  • Samsung dual door is budget-friendly, with power saver mode, and big space.
  • Work even on HomeInvertor, so is the efficient, innovative refrigerator.
  • Samsung gives a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and 10-years warranty on the compressor, from the date of purchase.
  • Body of the refrigerators heats up from the side, often complained by customers.
  • This side walls of the fridge are thinner than available in other brands or designs.

5. Bosch 559 L Double Door RefrigeratorVarioInvertor Mode

Bosch a brand in home comforting appliances with a high quality of performance. The company, queue as one of the trusted manufacturers in kitchen appliances as well. This specific Bosch Series 6 Refrigerator inherits VitaFreshPlus Mode and Premium Touch Electric Mode.

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India bosch

It is really a massive yet perfectly sized Bosch fridge design with all advanced features, and hi-tech mechanism. It offers 559 capacity that makes it a more rightful choice for Indians. When it comes to power consumption with innovation, the refrigerator is ideally a wise option.


  1. VarioInvertor Mode: It offers sufficient cooling with optimum vents at lower power consumption mode. The inbuild VarioInvertor enables constant cooling with BEE 3-Star Rating, which makes it a more reliable refrigerator in India.
  2. VitaFresh Plus Drawer: Keeps freshness and crispiness of vegetables and fruits stable for a longer time. It even keeps milk products and meat fresh and odor-free.
  3. Premium Electric Control Panel: This enables the stability of power and temperature, for proper functionality and performance of the refrigerator.
  4. Durable Design With Innovation: The overall design of the fridge is perfectly dimensioned, with convenient compartments. The Black Glass door with shiny finish makes it more magnificent in look. Bosch Series-6 is a sleek modern design refrigerator with an advanced Touch Control Panel in front of the glass door.
  • It is user-efficient with advanced features and performance, refrigerator by Bosch in Series-6 with Double Door Design.
  • Both freezer and refrigerator compartment have worth useful capacity of (400L) and (105L).
  • It comes with an ideal measurement of 1,930 mm x 700 mm x 800 mm and weighs about 104.0 Kg.
  • It inherits No-Frost Cooling System, Multi-Air Flow Mode, LEF Lightening, Reversible Hinge Door, AirFresh Filter, IceTwister, etc.
  • Bosch gives 1-year manufacturer warranty and 10-years compressor warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Free 3 Egg Trays are packed.
  • Quite Expensive For Indians.

6. LG 437 L Double-Door Refrigerator- SmartThinQ Technology

Life’s Good and comfortable with LG home appliances. The company has occupied trusted spaces in the Indian market. When it comes to LG 437 L refrigerator, this a useful choice to rely upon with smart features, elegant look, and high performance.

Best Double Door Refrigerator In India LG

LG fridges, always most picked options, and this Best Double Door Refrigerators In India is AutoSmart. The cooling machine comes ideal for nuclear family or family with 4-5 members. It is a true technological inspiration that brings comfort and convenience at home.


  1. Linear Cooling Technology: The system maintains cooling temperature; it helps in retaining the freshness with food even to 14 days.
  2. Inverter Linear Compressor: The refrigerator compressor with the inbuilt inverter, manages the temperature fluctuations. It even works in favor of controlling power consumption and noise.
  3. Dual Fridge Mode: This enables the working of the refrigerator with optimum airflow even at the door area.
  4. SmartThinQ Technology: You can now control the smart refrigerator and other LG home appliances with SmartThinQ from the intelligent device.
  5. Auto Smart Connect: It helps your fridge to get even ease working even with home invertor when the power goes off.
  • It is durable in structure, innovative in design, with advanced features and high performance.
  • Installed with SmartDiagnoises and SmartThinQ, with the proper functioning of the fridge.
  • Useful in keeping thing fresh, moist, and crispier.
  • Comes with ample space, toughened glass shelves, and door cooling system.
  • LG refrigerator; made up of stainless steel, with 4-star rating efficiency, in Amber Steel shade.
  • The ideal dimension of the fridge is 73 Centimetres x 70 Centimetres x 1.68 meters with 37 Kg of weight.
  • LG offers 1-year manufacturer warranty on the refrigerator and 10-year warranty on compressor, from the date of purchase.
  • Often get network issues with Wi-Fi support, to regulate SmartThinQ app, for LG appliances.

7. LG 335 L Double Door RefrigeratorSmart Diagnosis System

LG is one of the big brands among the list of Indian home appliances with a high trust base. The company offers high-performance appliances within budget with a technically advanced system.

This refrigerator, this 335 L Frost-Free Double-Door design, it is ideal for nuclear family or family with 4-5 members. The LG fridge is suitable based on capacity with extensive features and an excellent cooling system.

The model exists in 4-Star rating, which is genuinely a decent design in power saving consumption mode. The installation of a stabilizer is really worth good when it comes to Indian power fluctuations.

The refrigerator is high in productive performance with the optimum and uniform cooling process and retains food freshness up to 14days.


  1. Liner Cooling System: It maintains the gap of different temperature requirements to varying portions of the refrigerator. With a uniform cooling system, it retains the freshness of fruits, vegetables and other food items up to 14 days.
  2. Inverter Linear Compressor: It helps in taking charge of refrigerator temperature control. This also reduces internal temperature fluctuations. The super-saver power consumption and low noise also come under up to a span of 20 years.
  3. Door Cooling Technology: This mode helps in keep a uniform flow of air and temperature even at the door area.
  4. Auto Smart Connect: The smart technology option gives auto connectivity with your refrigerator to home, inverter every single time when the power goes off.
  5. Smart Diagnosis System: This enables any connect issues easily and solves it in the correct manner.
  • It is excellent in quality, great in features, and high in performance.
  • Regulates uniform airflow, temperature, and cooling in every corner of the refrigerator.
  • LG-335 L Double Door Refrigerator comes with 4-Star rating, that makes it superpower saver fridge with innovations.
  • In-built stabilizers offer a reliable control over power cuts, and power fluctuations, that safeguard the functionality of it.
  • Inherits enough of space, bottle storage area, convertible box, toughened glass shelves.
  • Ideal in the measurement of 68.5 Centimetres x 60 Centimetres x 1.7 meters with 62 Kg of weight.
  • The material used is stainless steel and fiber plastic, that makes it more durable, and light-weighted, with SilverSteel color.
  • LG offers 1-year manufacturer warranty on the refrigerator and 10-year warranty on compressor, from the date of purchase.
  • Quite noisy
  • Different shelves and compartment let people struggle with storage capacity.

8. Whirlpool 340 L Double-Door Refrigerator- Smoothly Runs Over the Home Inverter

Whirpool a name that holds a popular history of trust in home and kitchen appliances in homes of India. The manufacturer is one of the favorites in comforting people’s life to a significant extent.

From the designs of Single Door fridges to the Best Double Door Refrigerators In India, Whirpool exists significantly. The fridges made by the company are really worth useful, with advanced features, and excellent cooling performance.

Best Double Door Refrigerator In India Whirlpool

This specific 340 L Frost-Free Double-Door refrigerator is suitable for medium to a large family with 5-6 members. It installed with high-tech features, smart mechanisms, and auto-adaptive modes. It lies in the rang of 3-Star Power Saver mode, which makes it a more reliable choice by Indian customers.


  1. Advanced Adaptive Intelligence Microprocessor: It enables in the comprehensive analysis of the optimum cooling process because of its 3-Sensor Mode. It works in favor of load sensing, weather sensing, and usage pattern that keeps food fresh for longer.
  2. IntelliSense Technology: It makes it a real advanced cooling machine with auto-adaptive cooling mode according to internal load. The Power-saver and perfect working even in low-energy is another benefit, to match hi-tech performance even in power-cuts and fluctuations.
  3. Garden-Freshness Zeolite-Technology: The functionality of the refrigerator gives garden freshness to vegetables and fruits for 15 days because of the advanced ZeoliteTechnology mechanism.
  4. HoneyComb Moisture Lock Crisper Cover: This lock-in-technology mode will offer more freshness and crisper to balance the health of fruits and vegetables. It condenses and evaporates the extra moisture from the food and optimizes the air and freshness.
  5. Auto-Connect To Home Invertor: This is a low power consumption refrigerator, so smoothly run over home inverter system, during power cuts. It even regulates and maintains the cooling mechanism in a low power mode.
  • Reliable with quality, performance, and features, that makes it a complete refrigerator of innovating world.
  • Quite big with massive distribution of shelves and storage compartments, offering spacious area.
  • Comes with inbuilt stabilizer, IntelliSense technology, zeolite mode, and auto-connect with invertor, make it worth good in functions.
  • Smart features like a honeycomb, macroblock technology, Flexi vents, freshonizer keeps fruits, vegetables, and other food items fresh, and healthy.
  • Measurable dimension of 67.5 Centimetres x 62 Centimetres x 1.68 meters with 64kg weight.
  • Whirlpool offers a 1-year warranty on refrigerator and 10-years warranty on the compressor from the date of purchase.
  • None

Significant Buyers Guide For The Best Double Door Refrigerators In India:

Choosing the right refrigerator for comforting our lives is often challenging, as there are varieties of designs and brands available.

The refrigerators with unique features, high functionality makes people confused. The most popular brand in home and kitchen appliances are:

  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Bosch
  • LG
Each brand with many options and each fridge with exclusive benefits, technical modes, and pros or cons are there. With such wondering of picking and purchasing, we are adding some best choosing guidelines. We hope to help to get the Best Double Door Refrigerator In India for your family.
Buyers Guide For The Best Double Door Refrigerators In India
  1. Check Out The Personal Utility With Size Of The Family: Before buying the refrigerator, do check what the purpose, the usability, and the size of your family are. As there is no use of selecting a massively spacious fridge in a small family or small refrigerator in a big family. If you are happy with single door fridges based on family members, invest in that. If you have medium to 4-5 members in your family, then go for the double-door designs.
  2. Basic Design Of The Refrigerator: When it comes to the design and structure of the fridge, then go with a less complex one. As double door has two separate compartments and each is having different zonal temperatures and doors. The basic design is, however, the right choice, but even lead to slow or low cooling. Every single time you open the door will get outer air to flow in, and inner cooling let out. Though it is a super power-saving design with an economic aspect.
  3. Top Freezer Is The Necessity: As most of the brands have designed the refrigerators with top compartment as the freezing zone. This enables functional space, usability that makes it more accessible, and Best Double Door Refrigerators In India.
  4. Bottom Freezing Zone Is A New Innovation: There is less choice if you are looking for a refrigerator with a bottom freezing compartment. It is useful based on people with more vegan choices than non-vegan. As the freezer is less open and used as compared to the refrigerator area. Therefore placing it at the bottom increases the usability with less stress on back, neck, and shoulders. Refrigerators with bottom freezer in Double Door designs are less in choice still.
  5. Digital Inverter Compressor: With an array of advancements in refrigerators, the Digital Inverter Compressor is a real benefit. As power cut is a significant issue in India, and a refrigerator with auto invertor adjust mode will let cooling function okay. It will also save power and automatically adjust the speed of the compressor.
    Know More – Digital Inverter Compressor
  6. In-built Stabilizers: The new model of in-built stabilizer is crucial in today’s refrigerators to hold the power fluctuations significantly. It offers an auto-adjustment of refrigerator cooling mechanism according to the voltage, with no failure in functions and features. In severe power cuts, the fridge can work with stability at home invertor with low power back as well.
  7. BEE Star Rating Is True Boon Today: It is worth good to have energy-efficient star rated refrigerator, and home appliances. The refrigerators or machines assigned by the Bureau Of Energy Efficiency, will consume less power, save unnecessary wastage of electricity. The more the number of a star marked on the refrigerator means, the more the super saver functions it holds. However, there is a big difference in prices of stars rating.
Know More About – BEE Star Rating


Among the endless of the Best Double Door Refrigerators In India, we have listed a few that are popular and picked more.

This upcoming festive season, most trusted brands will get over with sales and offer on their latest fridges. And if you require one, do check the reviews and feeds online. Apart from online shopping for refrigerators, also visit the nearby brand manufacturer showroom and survey.

Offline shopping of home and kitchen appliances are still more liked things than online, as people do not trust the online sellers.

This is, however, a personal choice to buy such home comforting products online or offline. But the crucial is to look for every brand design with all features, performance, and warranty. Little research over the buyer’s guide will help you best in many ways before deciding on the refrigerator.

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